Too Old to Be A Photographer?

Photographer poses against a brick wall

I often feel out of place in the portrait photography field.   Am I too old? Should I show my face more like the younger photographers do? Should I wear a cool floppy hat? Hold a coffee mug? Should my kids be in my stories? Do I have to do TikTok? Should my photos be…

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4 Tips for Photographing Toddlers

Chris & Mary’s Fall Family Photos I had so much fun photographing Chris, Mary, and their little guy this past weekend during their family photo session. I met Mary many years ago when she was a personal trainer for our business. After working on other endeavors for a while, she came back – this time…

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Alicia’s Headshots

Alicia's Headshot

I had so much fun doing headshots for Alicia. I’ve known her for a couple years now, initially as my physical therapist. I had hip surgery last November, but before that I found Alicia (thankfully!) and she helped figure out my problem and get me to the right orthopedic surgeon. When she needed headshots for…

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