Alicia’s Headshots

Alicia's Headshot

I had so much fun doing headshots for Alicia. I’ve known her for a couple years now, initially as my physical therapist. I had hip surgery last November, but before that I found Alicia (thankfully!) and she helped figure out my problem and get me to the right orthopedic surgeon. When she needed headshots for work and for an upcoming conference, I was thrilled to help her and excited to get to spend time with her. Alicia is a busy mom of two little boys working full time, so I know her spare time is limited.

We met one morning at a gallery space in the newly opened Downtown Dental. My brother recently opened this office and was happy for me to use the extra room – which has great light by the way! With each outfit change, Alicia rocked her headshots and glowed against the exposed brick. All in all, we got plenty of images for her to choose from for her work at Athletico and for future conferences . . . and I couldn’t resist making a few into beauty shots! I met so many beautiful, kind, smart, talented women on my hip recovery journey, and Alicia is definitely one of them. I’m so thankful to count her as my friend. Here are a few more glimpses of her session with me.

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