Kaitlyn’s Beautiful Purdue Grad Session

Purdue graduate smiles at the Purdue engineering fountain for her grad photo session

This past May’s Purdue grad season was the busiest I’ve had. I met so many wonderful graduates and had some beautiful sessions. Kaitlyn’s was no different. Her mom reached out to me two months in advance to schedule her Purdue grad session, and then we began planning.

During Kaitlyn’s virtual consultation I learned that she was super busy finishing up details for graduation AND also studying for the MCAT. She was barely leaving her chair let alone her apartment because she was studying so much! After we mapped out the spots Kaitlyn wanted on Purdue’s campus, I reassured her that I would take care of  the details and scheduled her shoot for the week after graduation. 

Purdue student in her Purdue grad photo session

On the evening of her shoot, we had a beautiful May night – not too hot thank goodness! We had campus to ourselves because most of the students had already gone home for the summer.

Out of all my Purdue grads, I would say that Kaitlyn came the most prepared, but also the most nervous. She had two dresses, 3 different pairs of shoes, water, and a full bag of tricks, but what we realized later was that the first pair of heels was so high that they made her quite anxious.

We got some gorgeous shots of Kaitlyn in those heels and her first dress at Hovde Hall and the Engineering Fountain, but then she decided to change into her other dress and heels. What a difference that made!

Purdue student in her grad photo session

For the rest of the shoot, Kaitlyn was much more at ease, and I watched her confidence rise. She tossed her cap at the Purdue Bell Tower, posed under the arch on Stadium Street, glowed in the courtyard, and splashed in the Engineering Fountain. We had a blast!

The light was so good that I couldn’t stop! Kaitlyn did an amazing job, and I was so thankful that she felt more at ease. Her beauty, poise, and kindness shone through, and we had a wonderful shoot. 

purdue grad session posing

Kaitlyn, I am so thankful your family reached out to me to do your Purdue grad photos. It truly was so special meeting you, talking with you at your reveal, and hearing about why you want to be a doctor.

I know you have been working so hard, and I wish you the very best as you pursue this dream. Your gentleness, kindness, and perseverance will serve the world well! Don’t forget what you are worth and the beauty that shines in YOU!

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