Sisters Surprise with Family Photos


I love walking away from a photo session filled with joy. I usually do. It’s so fun to watch people come to life, to share moments with their families, and celebrate important milestones. I recently had the opportunity to photograph three sisters at Purdue; they were beautiful inside and out. 

I first met Olivia when I did her senior session last fall.The temperature was frigid at thirty-four degrees, but through chattering teeth and a blanket in between shots, she was a trooper. When the opportunity came around to photograph her again, I felt like it was a little bit of redemption.  Her photographs were beautiful, but it was cold! This time around, I got to meet her sisters Colleen and Lauren.We had the perfect June night at Purdue to take individual and group shots, making our rounds to the university’s iconic spaces.They did such a great job!

At the end of their session, they informed me that they were going to surprise their mom with the pics the next day for her birthday. Okay, a little panic set in because I knew it would be a quick turnaround, but I wanted to help make their mom’s birthday special. I sent their gallery to them the next morning and couldn’t help but smile thinking of Olivia, Colleen, and Lauren showing the images to her. I got a message from Olivia that her mom “absolutely loved them.” Photography joy at it again. 

Jen Ritchie

I'm a nature photographer who loves capturing beautiful landscapes and wildlife from our yearly trips out West and parks here closer to home.

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