When an Owl Comes to Town

Eastern Screech Owl huddles away from the snow
When your friends are out and about doing everyday things and post that they see this at one of their stops…
🦉You jump out of bed and completely forget you have a pounding headache.
🦉Throw on your fleece-lined pants and struggle to get your contacts in.
🦉Thank your husband profusely for getting up with you and shoveling the driveway.
🦉Hope and pray it’s still there once you drive on pretty icky roads.⠀⠀⠀
And then there it is, as cute as can be – an Eastern Screech owl huddled in a corner away from the snow trying to get some shut-eye.  Right in town! Thank you, Chuck and Izabella, for letting me share in your owl watching – great find!

Jen Ritchie

I'm a nature photographer who loves capturing beautiful landscapes and wildlife from our yearly trips out West and parks here closer to home.

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