3 Quick Tips for Photographing a Vacation Rental

living room of a historic home in Lafayette, IN

The Charming Weygold House

I had a chance to photograph a charming historic home in Downtown Lafayette two weekends ago! I loved trying my hand at a new genre of photography and have always loved real estate and interior design, so this was a treat. And wow, this house did not disappoint. 

The Weygold House is a new vacation rental in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. It is hosted by my sister-in-law Maggie and my brother Jimmy. They have done an amazing job getting it ready for guests from the cozy king bedrooms down to the chocolates waiting for you. It has a beautiful, private backyard, too, with a grill and gardens. I can’t stop staring at the tall Italianate front door. She is so lovely! 

As I was walking through the home with my camera, I had 3 things in mind:

The Overall Picture

I wanted to make sure future guests felt like they were walking into the home and could understand the layout. I always feel better when I visit a vacation rental and I have a general understanding of the layout before I arrive. Thinking of the big picture first creates a general map of where the photos are headed and the story they are going to tell. I made images of the front of the house from different angles and then did the same in the backyard.


Let Each Room Shine

This historic home boasts beautiful spaces with their own personalities. I wanted to make sure that I showcased each one for its charm and its function. When searching for a place to stay, guests want to picture themselves in their vacation home; they want to know how it’s going to work for their family or friends. It also helps if the rooms are inviting and clean – which the Weygold House is! When I took photos of each room, I wanted guests to be able to picture themselves relaxing there, having a meal, or playing a game.

It’s in the Details

Maggie and Jimmy did such a good job of paying attention to the details, and I wanted to make sure I captured that in the images. I photographed the whole house first, getting the outside views as well as each individual room. Then I went back through the house with a different lens and captured intricate characteristics of the home and nice touches left from the hosts. Art, potted plants, soaps, fluffy towels, fresh hydrangeas, happy zinnias, laundry area, banister, books, cozy chairs, and a desk – they all add up to paint an accurate picture of the larger plan.

Of course, these are just 3 quick tips – as photographers there is always more going on in our heads! Additionally, in case you’d like to know the technical side of things, I used my Canon R5, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.8, and my tripod.

I do hope these images invite you into the Weygold House and give you a glimpse of this special place. It’s the perfect space for a football weekend, a Purdue conference, or a personal retreat!

Here’s a little video Maggie and Jimmy received along with their pictures:




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