Preserving Wild Spaces

When it comes to visiting my favorite National Parks out West, I would say I’m . . . intense.  Up at 4:50 a.m. I have a routine down by the third day. Camera batteries charged? Check. Reading glasses? Check. Jacket? Check. Memory cards? Check. Larabar for later? Check. With the checklist complete, my camera bag…

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Too Old to Be A Photographer?

I often feel out of place in the portrait photography field.   Am I too old? Should I show my face more like the younger photographers do? Should I wear a cool floppy hat? Hold a coffee mug? Should my kids be in my stories? Do I have to do TikTok? Should my photos be…

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Photographing Snowy Swans

Plus 5(ish) Tips for Wildlife Photography Each year as winter approaches and temperatures sink, I get nervous I won’t be able to find birds and wildlife to photograph. Most of this December and January I came up empty handed at my usual spots. I did get lucky enough to shoot short-eared owls, muskrats, nuthatches, and…

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A Look Ahead from February

Hi, everyone! I wanted to take a moment to look ahead and fill you in on some photography plans.  I’m heading into my fourth season of photographing seniors, families, and businesses, and even though it’s cold right now, I’m looking forward to spring flowers, golden sunsets, and fall colors that await us in 2022. This…

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Photographing an Eastern Screech Owl

This is probably the most photographed owl in Indiana, yet I can’t help but take a picture of her every time I enter the woods. As a local, she feels like an old friend to me after a couple years. When I get lucky and she’s perched in her usual spot, I can’t help but…

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My Favorite Image of 2021

As I look back on 2021, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I got to meet so many new people and help them capture special moments: senior photos, my first wedding, soccer, family sessions, and businesses. Additionally, I was able to explore two National Parks.  We ventured as a family to the Great Smoky Mountains in…

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Photographing Wolf Park

Capturing Sponsor Smith IPM’s Visit This month I had the privilege of photographing sponsor Smith IPM’s visit to Wolf Park. When owner Jeromy Smith contacted me, I knew it would be an exciting opportunity for me – wildlife and people! Not to mention a beautiful grey wolf and two red foxes! Jeromy and his company,…

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Finally a Bull Moose

I fell in love with moose about ten years ago. We were on our annual trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with our 5 kiddos, and like usual, lots of questions were coming from the back of the van: ⠀⠀  “Mom, will we see a moose?” “No, moose are on the other side of the…

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Sam’s Senior Session!

Having a vision for your senior photos is a great idea. It helps you select your photographer, pinpoint the season, and narrow down a location. When Sam contacted me about his senior session, I could tell he had put a lot of thought into it. We discussed spots within a few locations, wardrobe choices, and…

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5 Tips to Make Your Senior Photos Go Smoothly

Can you believe this day is already here? You’ve dreamed of scheduling your senior photo shoot, and here it is, coming up soon on the calendar. Senior year is so fun, but goes so fast and there is a lot to do. Well, how can you make sure your senior photos go smoothly? I know…

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