What’s Hard about Family Photos?

I have a question. What’s the hardest thing about getting a family photo taken? Cost? Outfits? Time? Not important? I’d love to know honest, real answers. For me, it was always cost when my kids were little, and we were either grad students, small business owners, or both! Now, it is time and getting everyone…

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Home is Where the Art Is

Photo by Pix by Jill I admire my brother Jon’s walls. Every time I visit him in Brooklyn I come home a little more inspired. His walls tell a story of someone who has valued art since high school, of someone who has dedicated his life to making art and supporting artists. With degrees in…

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When an Owl Comes to Town

When your friends are out and about doing everyday things and post that they see this at one of their stops… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You jump out of bed and completely forget you have a pounding headache. Throw on your fleece-lined pants and struggle to get your contacts in. Thank your husband profusely for getting up with…

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Winter Lessons Collection

Winter Lessons Collection on Sale Now! This winter has shown me just how fruitful it is to investigate and document the beauty of my hometown’s seasons. In honor of that, I’ve put together a collection of 10 images called “Winter Lessons.” Prints from this collection will be on sale until March 1. They are offered…

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Lessons from Winter Wildlife Photography

Coming into winter, I was afraid I wouldn’t see my camera for a while. With temperatures dropping into the teens and twenties, would I need it? Would I find wildlife? My normal places were growing quieter and quieter. The green herons no longer fished from fallen trees in the marsh; the sounds of songbirds floated…

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7 Tips for a Great College Graduation Photo Session

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” —E. E. Cummings Living in a college town these past 19 years, I’ve certainly become accustomed to graduation seasons. Each May, August, and December it’s not uncommon to see graduation caps dotting the sidewalks of Purdue University. Students huddle to take selfies with…

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Finding the Sacred with Nature Photography

In Beth and David Booram’s book When Faith Becomes Sight, they take time in their second chapter to talk about transcendent moments. When I hear the word transcendent, I think of something extraordinary or something spiritually way beyond me, but they explain that these moments don’t have to necessarily be rapturous or extraordinary. They write,…

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A Morning with White-Tailed Deer

Do you have those mornings in wildlife photography where the woods are silent and you wonder if you are ever going to see anything? A squirrel? A bird? Something?! This morning started like that. As my husband and I walked through the tree-lined trails, everything was silent. No movement whatsoever. Just the crunch of our…

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Senior Photos: AJ and the Contagious Smile

I’ve gotten to know AJ and his family over the years, at first from a distance working for our neighborhood publication and then via marching band carpool and band events. Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed photographing the Sound of West Side marching band at football games, their March-a-Thon fundraising event, and homecoming. Once…

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The Fleming Family Photos

What a fun family session with two generations Saturday evening! When the Fleming’s session suddenly changed and one of their kids couldn’t be in the photos, they pivoted and asked their in-laws to be in the session instead. It reminded me of how important it is to encourage people to be in photos. For as…

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